Ryan Klopfer, Florida.

Ryan Klopfer, Florida.

Working with Coach Connor for the last 10 weeks has been one of the most valuable assets I’ve added to my training regimen. His quality of coaching is precise, punctual, and provided me with knowledge that will be valuable for the rest of my training career/life.

A little background about myself:

-B.S. Exercise Science & Health Promotion

-NSCA-CSCS (Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist)

-Competitive Olympic Weightlifter (USAW)

-Former D-1 Football Player (FAU)

Now, I wouldn’t consider myself an “expert” an the area of Exercise/Training, but over the years through persistent questioning and trials of error, I’ve learned principles that worked and what didn’t work. What I didn’t know was how exactly my Nutrition was affecting my performance. That was until I started working with Coach Connor. After my consultation, he informed me on how my past nutritional habits had restricted my metabolic capacity therefore restricting my performance during training sessions. He devised a feasible plan, that after 10 weeks, helped me unleash my optimal training potential. I was consuming more nutrients and putting pounds on the bar…..all while stripping some BodyFat (keep in mind that losing body fat was not a primary goal, just a by-product of proper nutritional programming and training).

Whether it be Bodybuilding, Olympic Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Marathon/Tri-Athlete, if you’re looking to enhance your training and unleash your potential, I would highly recommend Coach Connor.

Lastly, if you choose to work with Coach Connor, I can guarantee 3 things:

1. You will learn something!

2. You will see results!

3. You will not regret it!